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Can an energy drink be more than an energy drink?

Kanguru ® began as a firm belief in the mind of founder, creator and medical specialist Dr David Kitchen: there had to be something better than just a sugary energy hit.

This mission became his passion. Finally, after four years, countless hours and exactly 1,982 samples, Kanguru ® is ready – the perfected Australian energy drink, made using only the finest and most effective ingredients, in beneficial amounts, with real, tangible benefits for body and mind.

Uniquely designed to be beneficial for you, Kanguru’s Daily blend includes five premium botanicals, each scientifically researched and selected to bring you real energy with real benefits – an anti-crash, zero-sugar energy drink.

Kanguru® redefines what an energy drink can be, giving you what you need to be more, every day.


Aside from his highly successful career as an ophthalmologist, Kanguru ® founder Dr. David Kitchen had built a name as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and independent thinker with a love for physical and mental fitness, a full family life, and his motorbikes.

With pursuits and goal setting as varied as international travel, learning a second language and achieving a black-belt in karate, energy to think and act is important to David. A regular consumer of energy drinks, he became curious about whether there was a more functional solution out there – one which would support an individual’s wellbeing, and might actually taste refreshingly nice as well.

Finding a market filled with misinformation, malinformation, dubious benefit claims and often little or no evidence for ingredients used, David concluded the only way to enjoy a truly balanced, multi-purpose energy drink developed through a considered and scientific approach, was to create his own.

A calculated risk taker, he set out to create an evidence-based drink so good because of its functionality, benefits and taste, you would want to drink it daily. Four years on, David introduced the world to Kanguru ® – his perfected energy drink.

David continues to run and operate his busy medical practices in Rockhampton and Gladstone, Queensland. He returns home to his wife and four daughters every day, proud in the knowledge that his efforts have evolved the energy drink into something guilt-free, enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial.